Marcus Segui is the Founder of Tintico, a new luggage company. Marcus started his career in finance in New York City, then quit to take a year off to travel and learn Spanish. He settled in Bogota, Colombia and ultimately launched a real estate company there that was backed by the Colombia’s largest private equity company. He’s an entrepreneur well versed in international business and what it takes to launch a company abroad.

His current venture involved leaving behind 10 years of real estate to start a luggage company because, as he said, “I like travel bags, the suitcase is the hardest one, international business is fun for me, and I want to build a travel brand that inspires authentic, purposeful, boundary-pushing travelers.”

He’s starting a company on Kickstarter ? ? I was intrigued by the business model, and also his back story and knew he would be a great guest for the podcast.

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