Business Motivation - Thom Singer

In episode 464 of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast, host Thom Singer talks about business motivation. Thom has spent ten years as a solopreneur working as a business motivational speaker. He has interviewed hundreds of people about how they achieve success. In this show he shares seven to get motivated or stay motivated in business.

7 Tips For Business Motivation

1. Set clear goals. When you have goal, it makes it easy to move forward and deal with the hard choices.  You simply have to ask, will this action move me closer to my goal. Your business motivation can be directly tied to working toward a goal.
2. Work at a realistic pace. Too many people go all in until they burn out. If you are moving at an unrealistic pace, you will burn out and kill your business motivation.
3. Remember your “because”. Speaker Gerry O’Brion says there is more to getting motivated than just knowing your “why”.  You need to understand the “because”, since that is more focused on your customer than on yourself.
4. Surround yourself with cool people. All opportunities come from people. When you are near people who are accomplishing a lot, you will have that extra dose of business motivation.
5. Try New Things (  If you are doing the same things over and over you will never get new results. Shake is up.
6. Read or listen to inspiring people’s work. Reading books and listening to podcasts will inspire you. Your business motivation secret weapon is in being a sponge for new information.
7. Celebrate the small wins. If you know there is a celebration coming, you will be motivated to do more. Business motivation is always higher with the people who know how to rejoice in the process.

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Thom Singer is a plenary speaker and professional master of ceremonies / emcee.