Eliz Greene is an expert helping people get past being busy and stressed while helping them become more productive.

She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, as both her parents owned small businesses, and her first jobs were working in each of those companies. After college she spent time in the insurance business and non-profit sector, but soon launched out on her own to start a dance studio.

In 2000 everything changed. Eliz suffered a massive heart attack while 7 months pregnant with twins. Both she and her daughters survived, but it changed her life forever.

For more than a decade Eliz has been a leading expert educating people on heart health and how to manage stress. Through her work she discovered there was little data on job stress and the different ways men and women deal with the pressures of work and life.

Eliz Greene has now embarked on a multi-phase study and the results are fascinating. She now speaks to association and corporate audiences on managing stress and handling the facade of work / life balance in a world that rewards being busy (often regardless of the results).

If you have ever felt overly busy and stressed out you will relate to the discussion on this episode.

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