September 30, 2014 was the day that episode #1 of the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast launched. In three years (and 293 episodes) Thom Singer has interviewed over 250 entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business leaders, and intrapreneurs. Some have accomplished amazing levels of success, while others are just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Along the way Thom has learned a lot of things, both from the guests and via the experiences of hosting a show twice a week. The people he has met has changed his life forever. Friendships have been made that will last a lifetime.

In this episode he marks the 3 year milestone with 5 things he has come to know true for anyone looking to do more in their career:

1. You need to focus.

2. You need others to hold you accountable.

3. You learn more when you are part of a community.

4. Taking action beats sitting around thinking.

5. You have to assess your progress.

Listen to this episode and share in the celebration of the shows reaching nearly 300 episodes, and get ready for some positive growth and changes coming in the future of this podcast.

Check out this episode!