Customer Experience: Networking is not about collecting business cards or trying to use people. It is about creating long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Often fail in business when it comes to their strategy about how to engage with others as they have a flawed idea of what it means to really be committed to relationships.

How do people “feel” when they encounter you in a personal or professional setting. Too many people see life and business as a competition where they must “win”. But if time after time you leave people feeling worse after spending time with you…. you will be the one who loses out.

You cannot plan or map a relationship, so you will be judged on the little actions you take consistently. Your personal brand is a promise you have made via the actions you have taken up to this point.

Make others experience a priority and ask yourself after each interaction “how did they feel after being in this conversation with me?” If the answer is unknown or negative you will not achieve your full potential over the long run.

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