Deborah Molique

Deborah Molique is the founder of Molique EPS, specializing in consulting in-house organizational staff for meeting event success. Deborah is a future thinking, goal-oriented and nationally-minded planning leader who drives client growth through creative large- and small-picture event development.

Starting as a young lady serving her community through service, it wasn’t until college that she realized that her organizing talent would become her career. An Arizona State University conference planning internship forged this pursuit while earning a B.S. Organizational Communication degree. Working for a Los Angeles hotel company sharpened her sales and customer service success and still allows her to present client events properly to industry partners. While working at Trackstar Printing, all her abilities commanded the company to a near triple revenue position while transitioning through an unexpected media-frenzy owner death.

When the timing was right, Deborah started her own event business, making the decision to move back to the growing Arizona market, and start a for-profit public entertainment business. After several years, she successfully sold the public entertainment portion of the company, and has been focusing on directing regional and national meeting events ever since. Her national and regional clients love her constant developing concepts while always pushing the revenue percentages upward.

Staying connected through industry educational resources such as ASAE, PCMA, MPI, SPIN, and more keeps her current on trends, technology, and strategic options. She continues to personally serve her community through volunteerism. Her callings have manifested as a voice for hospital patients, founding a non-profit local networking group, working on industry event committees, and contributing constructive advice for local non-profit organizations.

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