Underminer Studios

Underminer Studios is an active member of the Austin Technology Council. This episode is co-produced in partnership with the ATC, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas that empowers members by using insights, resources, and connections their members need to succeed and thrive.

Join Underminer Studios CEO, Alex Porter and CTO Timothy Porter for a look into their startup company and how Austin has played a role in their growth. They are candid about working together as a married couple and how they navigate emerging technology markets.

Underminer utilizes Visualization Technology like Augmented and Virtual Reality as well as Volumetric Video to design innovative products for business that will help define the future of human-computer interaction.

Alex’s background in physical and digital design started with her education in Interior Design and made its way to founding a tech company. She drives the vison for the company with a focus on how their work can contribute to accessibility and functional uses for technology.

Tim spent a decade in games and movies specializing in optimization, automation, and pipelines. He uses many of those entertainment paradigms in leading-edge technology applications across health, marketing, education, and business tool creation.

Together they are working to humanize the digital world. They were both recognized by Intel Software as 2018 Top Innovators. Austin is home to their family which includes their two young kids, a cat, and their business.

Check out this interview (Episode #439) with host Thom Singer.



Check out this episode!


Thom Singer is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast.  He is a corporate speaker and professional master of ceremonies / emcee.  He regularly speaker at company meetings helping teams identify the potential of the individuals  (and the group).  Then together they map the path across the gap between potential and performance.  www.ThomSinger.com