When an “expert” tells you your idea won’t work, that might be good advice… or it might be crap. Sometimes you have to follow your heart if you want to find real success in your career and life.

Lucille Ball was told by acting coaches to find a different line of work, Oprah’s boss in a local television market said she did not have what it took to make it in TV. The list of successful people who were told by experts that they could never reach their goals is long.

When someone gives you council to abandon your dream you need to make sure you understand what they are really saying. They are telling you that in their own experience they have not seen success in the path you are going, but they are not God. Only you will know if your journey is the right one.

In this episode Thom Singer talks about this topic of being steered off track by well meaning experts. He also shares the details of his own latest project, a One Man Show, and how there are people who roll their eyes at his project. But he is pushing forward anyway. He admits it might never become real, but it is too early to stop the pursuit.

Be realistic, but do not quit too soon or you may be leaving greatness behind.

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