John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing - The Self-Reliant EntrepreneurJohn Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and best selling author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine The Referral Engine, and SEO for Growth. He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network that trains and licenses small business marketing consultants around the world.​

John is known as the world’s most practical small business marketing speaker and expert. John Jantsch is a veteran marketing speaker and workshop leader with over 200 successful events under his belt. Event organizers and attendees frequently comment on the nature of the practical, actionable “takeaway” value of his presentations.

He is equally effective facilitating a small group in a roundtable workshop format and on the stage presenting an inspirational keynote to thousands. His practical take on marketing strategy, growth, referrals, social media and all things online make his a great option for those wishing to tap a resource they can count on to deliver.

His new book –  The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur – will be released in October 2019.  The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur is organized as a daily devotional with 366 entries, one for each day of the year, including Leap Year.  Each day starts with a reading from a transcendentalist era author, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Willa Cather, Walt Whitman, Louisa May Alcott, and Henry David Thoreau, followed by a reflection and application by the author for today’s entrepreneur.

John Jantsch sits down with Thom Singer and talks about his entrepreneurs journey on episode 487 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”.  Learn more about John, Duct Tape Marketing, and The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur in this interesting interview.

Check to this episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and hear Thom Singer’s conversation with John Jantsch.

Check out this episode!

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Thom Singer is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast. He is a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee. Thom has authored 12 books and his podcast is approaching 500 episodes.  He works as a motivational speaker at association and corporate events around the United States and beyond.