Episode 514 features an interview with Alex Martin, founder and CEO of Athletes.gg.  If you are not familiar with the world of esports, you want to listen to this podcast.

About Athletes.gg

Athletes.gg Inc. is a data company focused on esports athletes with the goal of creating tools to streamline and facilitate connections between fans, athletes, and teams/sponsors/organizations. The company has a mobile app available on the Google Play and Apple App store that is a one-stop-shop for all esports news and information on athletes, events, and games. Athletes.gg has also worked with large tournaments like Detroit-based The Big House 9 to provide ESPN-like data and player cards to their broadcast production.
The next step for the company is developing an innovative recruitment tool for varsity college programs to find up and coming athletes to join their programs. The software will focus on smart recommendation tools to help guide organizations, recruiters, and aspiring gamers to foster the next generation of esports athletes.

About Alex Martin

Alexander Martin, founder and CEO of Athletes.gg, is a Philippine-born immigrant that came to the US with his parents in 1994. Alex, a pre-med dropout and unapologetically Taylor Swift’s #1 fan, has spent his entire career in the start-up scene. Alex got an early start in technology when he learned to program games in BASIC at only 8 years old. He is an active gamer that goes by the gamer tag of “SuitUpAlex,” and has an in-depth understanding of gaming culture and how fans are consuming the content created by the top athletes in esports.
Before founding Athletes.gg, Alex managed the Integration and Professional Services teams for Andreessen Horowitz backed start-up, Tenfold – an innovator in the CTI space. Alex was also a founding member of Help.com, a tech company pushing fresh ideas in customer success and support.

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