Eva Vennari – Question Everything.  Episode 358

Eva Vennari

Eva Vennari is the founder of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health coaching firm specializing in empowering individuals to take charge of their body and their health. She is on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry. Having spent most of her adult life suffering from all kinds of conditions and fighting for her sanity she decided to take matters into her own hands. That’s when everything shifted and her body went from being the enemy to being her best and most devoted ally and partner. Eva now teaches worldwide how sensitive people can take charge of their wellbeing and thrive in their lives.

She spent a lifetime trying to figure out her own health issues and learned to question everything. She has become a “healing rebel” and works to take the guess-work out of Detox for every client.

In episode 358 of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do she shares her personal and career journey and gives important advice for everyone who is looking to carve their own entrepreneurial path.


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