Episode 521 is a conversation with Austin Sams about the world of work and family. Austin Sams wants entrepreneurs to have better family lives. A lot of entrepreneurs are creative people. Austin had a job and yet he was not fulfilled. So he got creative. He believes you have to be observant on how people respond to the things you try. Are people seeing value? If yes, you may have discovered your new career path.

He is working on a quest to help people be present and make things happen in their lives. He has started Family Entrepreneurs. Family Entrepreneurs is an online community to inspire, learn, and support one another to always put family first while building your business. When people can take of the “mask” and live an authentic life, they succeed more in life and business.

Austin Sams believes that time with family is more important than money. He also believe there are smart ways to make a high income but still have time freedom. His motto is to not only make a great living, but to live THE GREAT LIFE.

Learn more at: https://familyentrepreneurs.com

About Austin Sams

Austin Sams helps Family Entrepreneurs who value time over money — but who also need to support their family — by sharing exactly how to leverage expertise into consistent income.

After running several multi-million dollar businesses for someone else, he started over to prove that he could create a highly profitable business from scratch, without sacrificing his wife and kids. By applying unique strategies, he built a freedom business and now enjoys running a multi-six figure business, working 2 hours per day from home.

He believes on your death bed you will care more about the time you spent (or didn’t spend) with your family than the money you made. And that your spouse and kids will remember you either for your presence or your absence in their lives. That’s why his mission is to show entrepreneurs that you can have an amazing business AND an amazing family life!

About Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.  He is the host of two podcasts and the author of 12 books.