Sean Payne was following the regular career path, but early on he realized that living his parents dream was not going to fulfill his soul. After college, instead of taking a high tech job, he went to study Shakespeare in London. A chance meeting with another would-be actor lead him to moving to Los Angeles and starting a tech consulting business and a career as a professional actor. After just a few months he had more success than most people find in Hollywood in years.

Sean Payne has what it takes to make it big in Hollywood, in business, and in life. You have to listen to this episode and hear his advice about following that voice inside of you that is calling you to go for your life’s calling.

He does promise on this episode that when he wins and Academy Award he will come back and let Thom Singer interview him again (no matter what his agent says… it will be the Today Show and Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do the morning after the awards show!!!) is his website. This guy is the real deal and this show will inspire everyone to strive to be their best.