This episode is the audio of a webinar that Thom Singer did with Kelly Newsome from ConnectRoot. The topic is a discussion of going from Networking to Sales. Meeting people is great, but we need to get to a point in our business relationships where we are converting our networking activities to the bottom line.

The advice on how important it is to “network” is taught to everyone in business, but people are confused as to what it means. The definition of the word “networking” has come to mean too many different thing in our business communities. Networking should not be a verb (you should not “go networking”), but instead a way of life that impacts all aspects of your business and personal world.

What does networking really mean? It is the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between two or more people, where those involved find more success through the connections than they would without the connection. Thus networking is not just one-sided or for those times when you are in need of new business.

But building relationships alone is not enough. Knowing people and not actually growing your business is a waste of time.

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