Gordie did not take the smooth route to get where he currently is in life. If there was an easy way or a “how to” book that would enable one to discover him or herself, Gordie definitely did not read it. His journey involved addictions to numerous substances and multiple mental illness diagnoses. From rock bottom, he describes the experience, the emotions, the pain and his journey back to reality. It is now his mission to share his story and inspire millions of young adults.

Using their platform, Rich Legacy, Gordie Bufton, and his partner Bradley Callow, help high-performing families from around the world empower their children in a way that moves them away from self-destructive behaviors.

Having both barely escaped prison and death, they now provide eye-opening insights from the perspective of the child. This approach inspires parents to engage with their children in a way they never dreamed possible.

With a focus on the child’s perspective, they deliver live events, workshops, information products, and family consultation to support children and their parents as they navigate the unique challenges not found in other types of families.

Their Five Principles of Family Realignment are rooted in our personal journeys, as well as conversations with thousands of children, parents, and professionals who come from or work with driven-families.

Their mission is to provide the understanding, connection, patterning, empowerment, and balancing needed to ensure a rich and healthy legacy for the families they reach.

What will your legacy be?


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