With all the recent changes to LinkedIn, it is important that everyone in business is aware of how to best use this important tool For this episode Thom invited Phil Gerbyshak to talk about the social networking sight and why it is important.

Phil Gerbyshak is a LinkedIn trainer, who teaches sales people and leaders to position themselves as an expert in their niche so they can increase their impact, influence and income. ?Often he does this by connecting their offline expertise to their online expertise and help them write books, do speaking engagements, create information products and white papers, use social media tools (like LinkedIn, Twitter, content marketing and others) more effectively, use internal collaboration tools more effectively, and know when to use what tool for what message.

WHAT HE DOES: Phil trains sales people how to use LinkedIn to get more leads and make more sales. He educates your sales people how to use low cost and free technology to its fullest potential. He works with your leaders to lead more confidently and communicate more effectively across generations. He creates custom training programs, offer coaching and consulting on how you and your organization can see a return on your technology and social selling investment. Phil enables sales people to augment existing sales processes with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook social selling micro-tactics that actually work – and teach your sales people how to use technology in more effective ways to communicate with their team!

Want to learn more? Call/text 414-640-7445 or email him at phil@philgerbyshak.com


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