Being a entrepreneur can be lonely. Sometimes we all feel the weight of the world is on our shoulders. It is hard. Being a lonely entrepreneur is a real thing.

But you are not alone. Life is a team sport. All you have to do is identify who is on your team. The lonely entrepreneur needs to realize they are not really alone.

In this episode Thom Singer shares the parts of his entrepreneurs journey that are not all wine and roses. He admits he has bad days. You do too.

You need a peer group, or a mastermind, or a therapist…. as you cannot always dump all the sad and hard times on your spouse or best friend.

Join an association

Go to networking events

Find cool random people.

No matter what you do, be careful of the naysayers. The people who will suck the energy out of the room. The emotional vampires. Be ready for them and choose a positive attitude.

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