Seeking knowledge is not enough, we need to find mastery in our careers. Knowledge is not power, but a commodity. We can all find knowledge by doing a search on our phone. Success is there for people who become great in the right things and then take action.

To be leaders we need to show others that we have a compelling vision of the future. While we might have to pivot along the way, no goals or vision means we are adrift. People with no goals will often get lost in over thinking and research, and in a world where action is king, we lose if we are not moving forward.

You have to master yourself, your understanding of you clients, your sales / marketing, your relationships with your people, and you must master your systems. Those who do all of these pop up to the next level.

But chaos reigns for too many entrepreneurs. We have to stop the madness and stop hiding behind stress and “busy”.

Focus on actions in sales, customer service and innovation.

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