Mike Dilbeck is the founder of Response Ability – A Call for Courage. He is a speaker, trainer and consultant who helps people find the ability to respond to any social situation by going beyond our fear and shame to demonstrate courage in momentary choices — In organizations. In business. In community. In life. — For colleagues. For family. For friends. For strangers.

Mike was guest number two on “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” in October 2014. To learn more about his journey, go back and hear that interview.

On this episode Mike shares a personal challenge that he is currently facing, and it is one that all entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other business leaders should listen to. In January 2016 Mike was diagnosed with cancer. He has undergone one surgery and is preparing for another. As a solopreneur, who is also single, this diagnosis was scary and would leave anyone feeling very alone. Mike is dealing with the realities and the fear associated with the disease, but is also learning that he is not alone.

This episode is a powerful look at the unexpected curve balls that can hit anyone at anytime. He very candidly shares his experience and the lessons he has learned along the way.

We all assume “it wont happen to me”, but when it does we need to get real very fast. From having money in the bank, to being open (or not) with our family, friends, clients, etc… to accepting help and love, Mike is on a journey and wants his experiences to help others learn, grow and prepare.

If you want to learn more about Mike and Response Ability visit his website: http://www.mikedilbeck.com/

To donate to help with his medical and life expenses visit the crowd share site – https://pages.giveforward.com/medical/page-trhjlk6/

Mike not only teaches people about courage, he is living with courage in his own life each day.

Check out this episode!