Milestones are important in your entrepreneurial journey. Humans like to achieve success and getting to new levels is a way to show you are making progress.

This is episode 250 of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast”.. and Thom Singer celebrates the history of the show and the success that it has brought his way over the last two and half years.

He also highlights other milestones that he hit this week, including 25 years of marriage and 8 years of working for himself.

In a world where many married couples get divorced (marriage is hard), he and his wife have made it this far. It is not always easy to live with another person, raise kids, and start a business. But he says his wife still likes him most days, and that is a good thing.

And eight years as a solopreneur is an important milestone. April 1, 2009 Thom was laid off in the recession, and there were no jobs available. He decided that day to make the jump to being his own boss. Again, not easy, but he has cleared another year and sees that as something worth celebrating.

Everyone has the potential to achieve great things . We can all do more. But too many people never try or quit too early. Thus milestones matter.


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