Podcast Mistakes

Jessica Pettitt has been a guest on nearly 100 podcasts. In 2018 she made a goal to appear on one show per week. Her experience as a guest who is committed to doing a great job for each show she appears has lead her to some interesting observations about things podcast hosts do and where they miss the mark of in creating their best possible product and a positive experience for those who are on the show.

In a conversation we were sharing the mistakes of both hosts and podcast guests. We decided to take this topic onto episode 344 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”. With the boom in podcasting still accelerating, many are looking at joining in on both sides of the interview.

In this episode Thom Singer and Jessica Pettitt discuss areas where both hosts and guests can be more aware in able to partner for greater success in the interview process.

5 mistakes podcasters make when dealing with their guests

1. Disorganized in planning for their own show: Time zones, scheduling software, and expectations are just a few things to think about.
2. Surprising the guest with video. If your show is a video podcast or if you will be livestreaming on Facebook Live, you need to tell the guest in advance.
3. 1984 called, it wants skype back… use zoom
4. Demanding too specific equipment / microphones
5. Canceling the appointment at the last minute.

Bonus- Charging guest to be on your show with false promises of real reach.

5 mistakes guests make when appearing in a podcast

1. Not having a good microphone. Yeah, while you may not need a $1000 mic, your built in microphone in your laptop is NOT good enough.
2. Pitching to be on the show because you are smart with no attention to being a partner in promoting the episode.
3. Failing to have listened to previous podcast episodes
4. Not aligning message with shows theme or podcast host and just pitching your book.
5. Cancelling or rescheduling at the last minute.

Listen to this episode and see the points of view from both the guest and the host, and you will create a better and more valuable partnership in your podcast hosting or guesting experience.


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