Natalie is the CEO of Bella Ballerina, a company that empowers women and moms to take control of their ambitions and create companies that fulfill their desire for a flexible lifestyle and entrepreneurial ambitions. Bella Ballerina offers franchise and license opportunities as well as retail sales through it’s family of products and services. With over 10 years experience in growing businesses into multimillion dollar empires, Natalie helps both her own clients and others find the path to building the right business for them with an unapologetic outlook on their goals. Natalie is a passionate and energetic leader who inspires and motivates her audience to live their best life in the way that they want, not just in the way it’s presented to them. Her passion for empowering others is contagious and allows her to connect with her audience to create powerful entrepreneurs.

Natalie is the CEO of Bella Ballerina, a franchise offering boutique dance studios for young children. She is a native of Jamestown NY and a graduate of Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. Natalie spent over 10 years growing service based businesses into multimillion dollar companies before stepping out on her own to start her company. In 2011 the first Bella Ballerina studio was born followed by two more in the two consecutive years following before the company began to franchise all over the US and abroad. Natalie now lives in California where she continues to grow the Bella Ballerina brand name through a mix of services and products for entrepreneurs, existing dance studio owners and directly to Bella Ballerina’s customers through their name brand dancewear line. She is the proud mom of one confident and talented daughter who also loves to twirl and her husband who supports her to no end.

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