Getting around people who will inspire you and help you along your journey is key to any entrepreneur. It is more important if you are a solopreneur. Sometimes the people you are closest to in your life (fiends, co-workers, spouse, etc….) are not able to give you the right level of support and guidance. Thus you need to network to find your tribe. This is a episode is the podcast on networking.

But networking gets a bad rap. Often people who are successful turn their back on “networking” as they are tired of random people and don’t believe others can or will help them. These same people were usually helped on the way up, but their own prejudices cause them to isolate in public and to protect their time to much.

Networking is simply the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships where all involved can find more success. This means that choosing to be with people can have a meaningful impact on your business and career. Joining organizations, participating in community causes, taking up hobbies, and attending events are all great ways to discover new people.

Don’t kid yourself, nobody is successful alone in a field. Commit to making others a priority and you will see value. Fear holds too many people back from getting involved and making connections.

Maybe the “Cool Things Project” is a good way for you to find some like-minded people.


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