Next Level Insurance Agency was founded by Danny O’Connell and a dedicated team of service professionals who knew there was a better way to serve businesses & individuals. 

They have created numerous innovative forward thinking solutions for employers and individuals to help address the increasing cost of insurance while balancing value based plans. 

Danny’s mission is to add value to the lives of clients, their employees, and his team through creative insurance solutions & focusing on the development of the person. 

Danny was the guest on episode 181 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”, but in the last year he left the agency where he had worked for 10 years to start Next Level and to stretch his entrepreneur journey. He is a seasoned sales person with a passion for the insurance and benefits industry. His agency has grown quickly in the first year, and his story is one that will inspire people in any line of work. 

Danny knows the value of hard work, industry expertise, and strong relationships. In this episode he shares his story and gives great advice for all who want to start their own business. We also talk about the importance of insurance and reasons to offer employee benefits. 

You definitely want to listen to episode 275 with Danny O’Connell.


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