Mark Black was born with a heart problem and had surgery while only days old. While he does not remember that, his life was full of health issues that culminated with a heart and lung transplant at age 23.

He had planned to have a career as a teacher, but after recovering from his transplant he found professional speaking and has never looked back.

Mark is the founder of The Purpose Program and CEO of Adversus Consulting, Mark Black has done a lot in 35 yrs. A professional speaker, best-selling author and success coach, Mark doesn’t just talk about overcoming
adversity, he lives it.

Mark’s experience with adversity began early in his life. By age 2 Mark
had already survived more than many deal with in a lifetime.

The lessons Mark learned in the year that followed that news he needed a transplant form the basis of his award-winning presentations, and the best-selling book “Live Life from the Heart.

Mark has inspired nearly 100,000 people across North America with his
unique brand of humor blended with a gripping life and death story.
The lessons he teaches have transformed countless lives and businesses.

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