Phil M Jones is the world’s most prestigious sales trainer ? having spoken to more than two million people in 56 countries across five continents.

In this episode of CTED he shares his journey in life and entrepreneurship. He has come to know that building a business takes hard work, and too many people just want the “Frosting and sprinkles part of a cupcake”.

Phil’s entertaining yet thought-provoking style empowers non-sales people to become linguistic influencers through the use of his famous “Magic Words” philosophy.

By using specific word choices and understanding exactly what to say to work around difficult situations, Phil leaves your audience feeling enthused and sharp-tongued, ready to make an impact in both their personal and professional lives.

By delivering his compelling message through his unique style, Phil drives thought-pattern and behavioural changes that lead to implementable action, masked by his unforgettable “laugh out loud” and lovable style of delivery.

In 2013, Phil’s dedication to his passion was awarded with both the prestigious Sales Trainer of The Year Award and the fellowship of the Professional Speaking Association.

Phil’s passion to “Teach The World To Sell”, now sees him travelling the globe speaking to a breadth of audiences, from small business owners to workforces and mass organisations, spreading his message and sharing his highly credited teachings.

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