In episode 201 Thom Singer shares his journey the last six months that has included changing his diet (he gave up most wheat and sugar), training to run a half marathon (He had almost never ran in his life), and changing his outbound business development habits.

Entrepreneurs can fall into two camps when it comes to their diet and fitness. They are either very dedicated to good choices, or they let their health slide. Thom had been in the later camp for most of his career. For Lent he gave up sugar and wheat, and then took up running in the spring. The result is a weight loss of 25 lbs, a new wardrobe (because his clothes no longer fit), more mental focus, and suddenly he calls himself a runner (excitedly going 3-5 miles a day four or five days a week).

He also doubled down on his business and has become a daily outbound salesman again. His speaking and coaching businesses are seeing an immediate impact from his efforts and he is excited to show others how they too can have results if they commit to small actions daily.

If you want to make some changes in your life, you need to listen to this episode. Thom opens up about what he has been doing and how he is changing his focus each morning to make sure he is making the right choices.

Knowing your goal makes it easy when you have to make hard decisions. What do you want to accomplish?

Check out this episode!