PJ Taei - founder of UscreenIn 2015 Uscreen set off on a journey to become the best video monetization platform in existence. Since then, they celebrated success with over 5000 video creators to date. They are not just a company that provides amazing software, they’re a community of industry experts set to help you become and stay successful.
The idea of Uscreen sparked long before the first line of code was ever written. The roots can be found back in 2002 when Uscreen Founder, PJ Taei, established WebNet Hosting, a web hosting service in Rockville, Maryland. PJ had the front-row view of expanding internet trends, as well as the gaps and the opportunities in the market. His interest in the online video industry grew stronger over time and in 2014 his ideas finally matured. PJ decided to create an all-in-one video streaming and monetization tool and make it the best on the market.
Check out episode 504 of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” to hear the entrepreneur journey of PJ Taei.  He shares his story as well as some amazing advice for anyone wanting to start their own business.

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