Ruud Janssen is a Facilitator, Business Modeller, Event Designer & Marketeer with expert knowledge of Global Meetings industry and Membership Based Organisations. Author, Digital Event Strategist, Networker, Visual Thinker, Consultant & Serial Entrepreneur. Radically creative and able to inspire people.

Internationally he is recognized as a thought leader in the meetings / events industry.

He is the founder of Event Model Generation, a Training and Consultancy organisation that helps organisations align their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs of their events. The Event Model Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.

Building a thorough Event Model Canvas can be achieved through a 10 step #EventCanvas methodology where the team involved in the event systematically analyses, describes and outlines the inputs for the components in the final canvas prototypes. The methodology is sequential and makes use of a range of visual thinking techniques.

The Foundation is the organisation that enables anyone to download the #EventCanvas for free under a 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license worldwide. It’s sole purpose is to promote and support innovation in the field of Event Design.

The Foundation supports and enables the creation of a common visual language for events design using the #EventCanvas.

It is tasked to provide the funding and resources to enable research, training and to make the Event Canvas and the methodology available to as many practitioners as possible. Ultimately, it enables teams across all geographies to design events that matter using a common methodology and template.

It is a foundation under establishment in the Netherlands (Stichting Event Canvas Foundation).

To support the cause, the foundation accepts donations from donors to enable scholarships, development and evangelism for Event Design and the Event Canvas.
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