The Podcast Episode About Sales Success

Entrepreneurs and sales professionals need momentum. Sales success is the goal. One of the keys to ongoing sales success is constantly being engaged in the right activities. If you are standing still it is much harder to get things done. To achieve top sales and have a successful sales career you need to always be moving forward.

Many sales people can relate to the idea of a sales slump. When sales success grinds to a stop, it is much harder to get moving again. Consistent momentum allows you to get closer to closing the next deal and allows you to have the ability to pivot when necessary. Successful selling ins tied to momentum.

Episode 456

In episode 456 of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast, host Thom Singer talks about momentum and how it leads your sales team closer to their potential. Thom is a sales speaker who works with companies to help them focus on the actions needed to cross the gap between potential and performance. He believes in potential, but knows that potential does not equal performance. Sales success does not happen by accident. A sales person must do the little things and embrace the sales processes.

Sales Managers Want Success

Sales management is often excited about the potential in each of their sales reps. They want people to succeed. But too often they get frustrated when individuals fall short of sales success. No matter what your product or service, your team must be working across the gap between opportunity and results.

The Paradox of Potential

In this workshop, “The Paradox of Potential”, he discussed the three buckets toward success: Plans, Passion and People. In this episode the touches on all three of these and how to use them to find more sales success.

Plans. This is about goal setting. To achieve sales success each person on the team must understand what they are working to accomplish. Selling processes alone will not bring in sales. When you have clear goals it makes it easy to make the hard choices. Everyday we are all distracted by choices. But when you have a plan it makes it simple to decide on the actions you will take. Ask yourself, “Does this action bring me closer to my goal, or lead me farther from my goal”.

Passion. Sales success cannot happen if you do not like your job. If you are not excited about the product or service that you sell, then you will always fall short. Your momentum will fall apart if you are not excited to be selling. Having a passion for your work is an important part of being able to move ahead.

People. All opportunities come from people. Those who have consistent sales success are excellent at establishing long-term and meaningful connections. Sales professionals need to pay attention to how they engage with prospects, clients, co-workers / peers, and referral sources. Your momentum is enhanced when others have got your back and look forward to working with you.

Sales Meetings

Thom Singer is a sales motivational speaker who can work with your team to get them engaged in building an ongoing dialogue about working toward potential. As a plenary speaker at your meeting who is focused on sales success, Thom will get each person to hit a “reset button” on how they look at the things that are holding them back from success. We all have these issues, but many are too worried about looking bad, and thus they ignore the problem. This is one of the things that kills momentum.

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Thom Singer is a funny keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies / EmCee. He is also the author of 12 books.

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