This episode involves a mom, dad and teenage son who all work together.  This is the family behind the successful Scaly Adventures.  You gotta hear their story.
Pierce Curren is the young host of Scaly Adventures, an E/I broadcast television series with worldwide distribution.  In every episode, he leads viewers on fun, educational journeys sharing his immense passion for some of the most incredible and exotic animals in the world.
Pierce has always loved animals, and his compassion and care for different species shines through each Scaly Adventures educational video and television episode. He cares for a variety of species in his personal collection and has had numerous hands on experiences filming with experts in a wide variety of fields.  He is also a Second Degree Black Belt in Olympic Tae Kwon Do with Palmetto Martial Arts School.
Pierce is a founding member of Boundless Limits International and a home educated student.
At the start of Scaly Adventures in 2013, Pierce was the youngest person in the world hosting a show in the Animal & Adventure genre with worldwide distribution!
Rick Curren is Pierce’s dad – the Scaly Dad on TV!  He is the Creator and Executive Producer of the broadcast television series, Scaly Adventures, as well of the Co-Founder of the non-profit foundation, Boundless Limits International.  Rick is an author, television host, motivational speaker and media entrepreneur.
Through videography and photography, he enjoys bringing images to life and taking the Scaly Adventures Crew on incredible journeys to show viewers places and animals they might not ever get to see.  Rick’s favorite part of filming Scaly Adventures is using the latest technology to get Scaly fans as close to the animals and action as possible, so viewers feel like they are experiencing the adventure firsthand!
He is responsible for all of the filming, editing, engineering and production of Scaly Adventures’ educational material and programming.  A veteran of 16 years in the US Army, he is a Distinguished Military Graduate of Kennesaw State University and is listed among their Notable Alumni.  Rick is a PADI Certified SCUBA Diver and has a Second Degree Blackbelt in Olympic Tae Kwon Do.
Tanya Curren is Pierce’s mom ? the Scaly Mom on TV!  She is the Co-Creator and Director of Education for Scaly Adventures, a broadcast television action and adventure reality series that promotes conservation while featuring exotic animals, inspirational role models and positive organizations.
Tanya is an author, television host, motivational speaker and media entrepreneur.  Tanya’s favorite part about Scaly Adventures is showing how families can have an incredible time together doing something they love, and she ensures that every episode inspires others to overcome their fears, follow their dreams and pursue their passions.
Tanya is formerly a Nationally Board Certified Teacher with experience teaching and consulting in both public and private schools.  Her true passion has been raising and teaching Pierce as she home educates him throughout all of their travels together.  Tanya is the co-founder of Boundless Limits International, Inc. along with her husband and Pierce’s dad, Rick.  Tanya is a graduate of Kennesaw State University and is listed among their Notable Alumni.

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