On episode 520 of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast, Thom Singer interviews business coach and speaker Scott Carley. Scott is currently serving as the president of the Austin chapter of the National Speakers Association. In this conversation they discuss Scott’s career journey, his advice for entrepreneurs, and his role with NSA Austin.

About Scott Carley

Scott Carley is known as the Change Energizer. People who want change in their organization, executive leadership team or in their own life seek Scott out. Scott is an expert in casting vision, repairing fractured teamwork and priority management. He is a natural entertainer and story teller that inspires the imagination of his audiences. His quick humor and energy are contagious.
He speaks to medium to large companies ($2-$40 million) who want innovative change, fresh vision and cannot afford to be dragged down by unclear priorities or fractured teamwork. Scott has traveled to over 350 cities and overseas as a keynote speaker and for executive team retreats.
Scott is a tenured VISTAGE Speaker and Executive Business Coach. He is President Elect and Board Member of the Austin National Speakers Association. From 2010-2015 Scott took his BNI Region of 45 chapters to the top 2% internationally in growth, retention and referral revenue ($36 million annually). Scott pastored a thriving congregation with his leadership team for 10 years and built a 13,000 sq ft worship facility on 5 acres in the 90s.
Scott has been based out of Austin since 2003. He enjoys live music, motorcycle riding in the Texas hill country and grilling steak and fish. He was married on Thanksgiving Day 2015 to his lovely bride, Carol. Now they have become the Magnificent Seven. Together they have raised 4 daughters and a son!

About NSA Austin

The Austin chapter of the National Speakers Association is the premier local destination for professional speakers who strive to grow through comprehensive continuing education, informal mentoring and professional connections. We look forward to welcoming you to NSA Austin.
To make NSA Austin the go-to organization for professional speakers — as well as one of the most respected and dynamic professional organizations in Central Texas.
To encourage connections, sharing, learning, and professional growth in our membership.
To continue to attract and retain a diverse list of high level members who are truly interested in speaking as a profession (or offering support services for professional speakers).
To expand our reputation for producing well-attended, high quality programs and gatherings.
To build up our treasury through sponsorships, fundraisers, memberships, and other means.
To build a solid leadership succession stream.
NSA Austin’s history, short as it may be, is a great example of what happens when talent, energy, enthusiasm, and hard work converge to fill a need and manifest a shared vision.
Speakers who have presented to the NSA Chapter have included Jason Dorsey, Jessica Pettitt, Jill Griffin, Patrick Henry, Jill Schiefelbein and many others.

About Thom Singer

Thom Singer is the host of two podcasts (including the entrepreneur podcast “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and the “Digital Enterprise Society Podcast“.  He is a motivational speaker and professional master of ceremonies / emcee.  Thom is also the author of 12 books and a prolific blogger.

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