REBRANDING – with Shannon McKain

Shannon McKain


Those are the words repeated time and again by people who’ve experienced an inspiring program led by motivational speaker, Shannon McKain. Her powerful and uplifting messages have audiences nodding and cheering.  When Shannon speaks, people are driven to get out there and achieve their dreams.

For nearly a decade, this Kansas City native has shared her charm, enthusiasm and inspiring words with young adults, employees and organizations, presenting each audience member with an important “gift”?the tools and motivation to harness their potential.

Personal Stories

Using her own life experiences and encounters with adversity as a backdrop, Shannon McKain shows audiences the way to the “Happiness Path,” providing easy to follow nuggets of inspiration participants of all ages can use in their daily lives. Shannon has entertained and educated audiences around the world, receiving several accolades and awards throughout her career. She has worked with TV personalities all across the country and was even featured on Nickelodeon in 2017.

A former professional NFL cheerleader, Shannon draws on that “go team” attitude to show her audiences how to gain yardage in the game of life. Her magnetic energy and enthusiasm will continue to inspire hearts and minds, long after the lights go down on your event!

In this episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” Shannon McKain shares her story of starting over. In the last month she has re-branded, changed her name back to her maiden name, and moved to a new city. Entrepreneurs always face change, but she has had more in one month than most will have in a year.

Changing your name and moving to a new city is not uncommon, but when you are your brand, this can be a big thing. Hear her upbeat and powerful message about managing these changes in this raw and personal interview.

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