Steve Cunningham is the CEO of ReadItFor.Me.

What is is a way for individuals and teams to learn, retain and apply the ideas from the best business and personal development books the world has to offer to businesses and their lives. We help people spark the conversations that can unlock their greatest work.

How is this different from something like Cliffs or Coles Notes and other book summary-type services? is more than just a book summary-type service. Most other book summary services simply take the main concepts or ideas from the books and summarize them into bite-sized pieces. by contrast was developed based on research into how people learn, behave and act therefore taking it beyond just summarizing books. We take the world’s best business and personal development books, and turn them into engaging, zero-preparation workshops that leaders can run with their teams in less than one hour a month.

Steve started his career as a lawyer in Toronto, and after one week left to join his family business. Later he started a digital marketing agency and eventually founded ReadItFor.Me. His journey is one we hear often from entrepreneurs, in that he did not plan his path, but he loves every part of the entrepreneurial ride.

In this episode he talks about his experiences, advice and has a special offer for the listeners at
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