In working on a program for a corporate employee training program Thom Singer conducted a survey where he asked people if they felt they were living up to their full potential. The results of the survey surprised him when 1/3 of respondents gave a resounding “YES” (he did not assume it would be that high). However the other 2/3 of the group openly shared their own disappointments and the reasons they believed they were being held back.

In this episode Thom shares his thought and personal experiences in living and working with feeling of coming up short. Even though his business is successful, he knows he can do more, and the internal struggles with what the wants to achieve (and knows he can do) makes him question everything.

Having “high potential” does not mean performing at maximum capability.¬†While many believe they are doing all they can, a huge number of professionals are frustrated because they are coming up short of their personal expectations (and the expectations of others). Beyond excuses and finger pointing, we need to get to the heart of how people can accomplish more and enjoy their work. As more organizations focus on the “future of work”, this is about more than telecommuting and stand up desks.

If you are an entrepreneur or a solopreneur who has ever faced an internal battle within your own head with living up to your potential, this episode is a “must listen”. While he does not have all the answers, Thom knows that you have to be tenacious and focused if you want to get more done and have the strongest results.

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