Try New Things

Try New Things. Talking the same actions will produce the same results, and Thom Singer has become obsessed with helping people reach their potential.

One of the most popular pieces of advice he shares in his “Paradox of Potential” workshops and keynote speeches is about the importance of trying new things in your life and career.

Having surveyed over 500 people about their personal potential (and results) and having hosted over 350 interviews with business leaders on the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast, Thom has come to know that the most successful people are the ones who are willing to take some risks.

Courage is paramount to winning in business. You have to get out of your comfort zone and push your own limits. “Try New Things” is an important reminder to not get caught in the routines and ruts that plague so many careers.

Being one who tries new things is bigger than just you. It impacts your team, your company, whole industries, and society. Every break through had to begin with a person willing to shake up the status quo.

Stop looking for reasons to say “No” or hiding behind policy and tradition. Seek out ways to say “Yes”.

What will you do? Listen to this episode (Episode 408) and get inspired to do more starting today.

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Thom Singer is a professional speaker and master of ceremonies.  He is the host of the entrepreneur podcast, “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and the author of 12 books.