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Top Motivational Speakers in the World - Thom Singer - https://thomsinger.com

What can we learn from the top motivational speakers in the world? While many comedians make fun of the likes of Tony Robbins, these thought leaders who rise to fame are doing so in a very competitive industry. Anyone who reaches the top of their career field must know something that works.. Thom Singer believes that “Success Leaves Clues” and he studies people who are at the top of their game in his industry, but this applies to everyone.

In this episode Thom breaks down his observations of the top motivational speakers and what they do to maximize their careers. The speakers who stay relevant year over year are not doing so by accident. The business is highly competitive and there is more to being a motivational speaker than being good on stage.

He was inspired from a conversation with a new speaker who was discovering the business was not as easy as predicted. Thom has over ten years experience as a motivational speaker and has realized that to be on top you have to have all your ducks in a row.  He is an observer, and has complied the list of then things that apply to top speakers, but also for people in any industry.

His ten tips we can learn from the Top Motivational Speakers:

1. Have a clear vision (the best always know what success looks like)
2. Be self-aware (admit your strengths and weaknesses)
3. Be Brave and work past fear (Even top motivational speakers get nervous, but they don’t stop)
4. Build a good network and reputation (business is a word of mouth game)
5. Be open to feedback (we can all get better, so be ready to listen and learn)
6. Manage your potential (potential and performance are not the same thing)
7. Try new things (Top motivational speakers change up their presentations)
8. Find tune your skills (Top motivational speakers hire coaches)
9. Make it easy to work with you (Do not be a jerk)
10. Never give up (On the ladder to success, we all have set backs.  The top keep going)

Thom’s podcast has featured interviews with many top motivational speakers and other successful entrepreneurs. Check out Episode 462 of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and hear this inspiring message.

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Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and a professional master of ceremonies / EmCee.