Check out this New book: “The UnAmerican Dream” by Carlos Hidalgo. Listen to this episode. Carlos is one of a small group of people who have been a guest on “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” three times.

UnAmerican Dream by Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos Hidalgo returns to the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast for the third time to talk about his new book, “The UnAmerican Dream“.  Carlos is a 25-year business veteran.  Over the span of the last two plus decades, Hidalgo has held corporate roles, started his own entrepreneurial ventures and served in non-profits.
After leading his first agency to three consecutive Inc 5000 awards, Hidalgo made the decision to leave and start his second company VisumCx, which works with clients from the Fortune 50 to start-ups on developing and implementing customer experience strategies.
In addition to his current role as CEO at VisumCx, Hidalgo also serves as a managing partner in a health care platform start-up and serves on the board on a tech start-up.
In addition to his various roles and business pursuits, Hidalgo is the author of Driving Demand, one of the Top 5 Marketing Books of all time according to Book Authority which was published in 2015.  And int 2019 he released “the UnAmerican Dream” (now available at
Additionally, he has followed his wife’s lead in volunteering for Beauty For Ashes Uganda, an organization dedicated to the long-term sustainability and healing for single moms and widows in Uganda.
Carlos and his wife Susanne have four grown children and have lived in Colorado Springs, CO since 2010.
You can follow Hidalgo on Twitter @cahidalgo

About The UnAmerican Dream Book

What is the real price of our modern, hustle-all-all-cost business culture? Something terrible has happened to the American Dream. For so many entrepreneurs and professionals, the relentless pursuit of success leaves behind damaged relationships and personal life carnage in their wake. In The UnAmerican Dream, Carlos Hidalgo reveals his thrilling journey to entrepreneurial triumph, and the simultaneous path to rock bottom. Despite impressive accolades and remarkable professional achievements, he found himself miserable, discontent, and at risk of losing his most important personal relationships, forever. Through authentic, honest, and vulnerable storytelling not found in most business books, Hidalgo asks us all to question, “is it really worth it?” Featuring the perspective of a variety of executives from across the country, this book reveals the truth about the cost that many pay in order to keep pace with modern business pressures. Hear from Hidalgo’s wife, Susanne, who reminds us that with every quest for success, there are real relationships impacted.Hidalgo details the life changes he made to re-center himself, and offers a step-by-step guide for others in a similar situation to find happiness and fulfillment. The UnAmerican Dream is an invitation to shed hustle culture, cultivate that which is life giving, and find both personal and professional success on your terms.

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