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In this episode Thom Singer talks about why entrepreneurs should join a peer-to-peer mentoring group. Be it Vistage, EO, YPO, etc… these groups provide business leaders the opportunity to learn and grow as entrepreneurs.

Why Join Vistage?

Thom spent two days at a meeting of Vistage Speakers and Vistage Chairs learning more about the organization. His Paradox of Potential workshop has been approved for Vistage, and he is just getting started speaking to groups in this organization (although he has been speaking full time for 11 years – he is new to the Vistage world). In this episode he answers the “Why Join Vistage?” question for entrepreneurs and business leaders

Joining a Vistage group brings an entrepreneur into a close circle of other business leaders all committed to growth. The peer-to-peer environment, with a strong trained facilitator, helps members maximize their investment of time. Why join Vistage? Because you will find a faster way to grow your company and develop your leadership.

Executives have a lot of people offering advice. People all think they know what the entrepreneur or business leaders experiences. But even friends, their board of directors, and their spouses do not walk in the same shoes. Many have business colleagues or even a mentor with whom they turn to with issues, but few business leaders have a consistent, structured forum for unbiased feedback. This is how Vistage works. When you belong to a group like this you get real guidance they can trust from people you respect.

In this episode Thom shares his thoughts on “Why Join Vistage?” (or another mentoring organization).

*It will help you meet peers who will help you learn and grow
*Group is lead by a trained facilitator
*Brilliant speakers share ideas and cause you to think
*Customized coaching

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Thom Singer is the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast and the author of 12 books.  He is a Vistage Speaker, TEDx Speaker, and 8 time SXSW Speaker.  He works as a motivational speaker and professional EmCee /  Master of Ceremonies.