Over a drink with a new friend he asked “What makes you belly laugh?” and “What makes you cry?” These were not questions I expected, and I could not easily answer them.

We live in a world where most people engage in a superficial manner and we rarely ask question that get to the heart and soul. It is also hard to make friends as we get older as we are not always exposed to knowing about other people.

These questions asked by my new friend stirred my thinking. I was impressed with how open this person was to sharing his own story, which had ups and downs. His life had some hard times, and he was open about these, which allowed me to connect with him, as we all face tragic experiences in business, personal life, in our communities, etc…

In this episode I talk about my struggles to answer these questions and why that makes me wonder if I am being true to my own self and letting my human feelings inter my business dealings.

I also challenge you, the listener to ponder these questions and let me know if you quickly find the answers.

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