In a variety of industries people try to save money by skipping hiring the professional and try to “wing it”. No consultant would ever recommend this as the most efficient way to have the highest level of success, but for entrepreneurs this is a way of life because of limited funds.

In the meeting world, however, it is common to spend $50,000 on a speaker and $40,000 on a chocolate fountain for dessert, but they skip out on much less and get anyone other than a professional Master of Ceremonies.

Thom Singer is a professional speaker and master of ceremonies, and in this episode he talks about reasons why the best meetings utilize EmCees. 

But this episode is not just for #eventprofs and meeting professionals, it relates to all industries. You are a professional something. Do you know why prospective clients in your vertical should hire you vs. finding an amateur solution?

Make a list of why your customers should hire a professional.

Check out this episode!