Anti- Quiet Quitting Keynote Speaker – Retain People Via Trust, Accountability, and Relationships

What is an “Anti – Quiet Quitting Keynote Speaker”?  It is someone whose message will help your company retain the best employees.  People are not widgets, and you cannot treat them like they are just numbers.  Humans want to feel they are part of something, and when they do they will show more respect to their place of work.  They may not stay forever, but they are less likely to engage in “Quiet Quitting” when they know they are part of a community.

Gallop says (in this article) that more than half the population might be doing the things that are signs on “Quiet Quitting”. And it is higher in those under age thirty-five.

The term “Quiet Quitting” has become a big term and impacts companies in more ways than most people think.  Retaining employees is necessary, and yet in a virtual and hybrid world people are not feeling connected to their jobs as they did in the past.  People are “self identifying” by their career less and less.  The younger professionals are especially not seeing their job as their identity.

Networking and business relationships are not just for sales people or those looking for new jobs.  The secret to keeping your employees is in how well they feel they are part of the community.  Feeling connected to co-workers has always proven to be a great retention tool.

Quiet Quitting Can Be Stopped With Better Internal Relationships. Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and workshop leader who gets people excited about community, collaboration, and conversations. Thom Singer has been speaking about networking and human connections for over 15 years and has written 12 books.  He is also the host of several business podcasts and regularly talks to business leaders about the people issues they face in these post pandemic days.

Community, collaboration, and conversations are the key to solving almost all the issues we face in business.  Getting your people to engage will stop them from jumping ship.  Gallop has done surveys that show when people have friends at work, they stay longer and are more satisfied in their jobs.  But too often in todays world we are not working on team building.  While Thom is not the first person to talk as an Anti- Quiet Quitting Keynote Speaker, his message of human connections will help stop your retentions issues.

When an employee has no feeling of connection, and does not see themselves as part of a team, they are more likely to do the things we think about when we hear about “Quiet Quitting”.  I have heard of people who have two jobs, and are collecting two paychecks (while working remotely) and not letting anyone know.  Yep, they work half time and don’t care. But people who are connected to something bigger than self and understand the goals of a company are less likely to fall into such bad faith practices.

Is you company culture based on TRUST and ACCOUNTABILITY?  Are community, collaboration, and conversations cherished? Are people on your team widgets or respected souls?  If they feel like widgets they will behave in the bad ways that people are currently complaining about in the news.

He can serve as a keynote speaker for a large industry event, or a company workshop leader to help your team embrace the power of trust, accountability, and relationships. Check out his YouTube Channel for dozens of videos on business relationships and how they impact retention.

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