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Sales Meeting Ideas for Your Next Team Gathering

Sales Meeting Ideas - Thom Singer www.ThomSinger.comNeed fresh sales meeting ideas? No sales professional likes a meeting that is a waste of their time. While bringing your sales team together regularly is important, you have to make sure that your agenda, activities, and purpose are all aligned with finding a way to improve their performance.

Boring team meetings suck the excitement out of everyone. Therefore you need to find the right mix between useful content and sales training that will produces results, while at the same time entertaining and engaging each team member.

Keep the focus on the sales goal and share as many success stories as possible. Successful salespeople like to focus on the target and exceed the expectations of their sales managers.

Sales meetings can be wonderful or horrible, and few fall in the middle. Great sales meetings usually have a great keynote speaker who understands the company’s sales process, but is not a technocrat to the numbers.

Thom Singer is a professional keynote speaker who had two decades of sales and marketing experience before making the leap to leading workshops and sales meetings. He has never forgotten the horrible weekly sales meetings one of his bosses held after listening to some random sales guru. He is aware that meetings for the sake of meetings will eventually undermine everything.

Those who are the best at sales want more than inspirational quotes and a presidents club trip. They want to feel they are contributing to the bottom line of the company and helping everyone on the team have more success. Sales reps without a goal to serve the company and its clients rarely last and succeed in the long run.

As a salesperson who was regularly meeting sales quotas, Thom Singer knows about bringing all his messages back to lead generation. His “Paradox of Potential” workshop is ideal for sales teams who are living in the gap between their potential and the results they should be reaching. In his talks, Singer explores the realities that cause sales people to be held back, and couples that with the discovery of the path across the gap.

Many sales managers find themselves frustrated with team members who they know should be selling more of their product or service, but who have gotten stuck in the middle. Nothing is worse for a manager than knowing someone on your team has what it takes to be the highest performer, but is coming up short.

The paradox for sales managers is that they get very excited about potential. But potential does not equal results. This is where Thom Singer’s training comes into play for the sales teams. His interactive workshop keeps everyone engaged, and gives them a chance to participate in parts of how the training is structured.

What worked yesterday many not work today, and all bets are off for tomorrow. Sales people have to constantly be seeking new knowledge about their products, services, clients, industries, etc… But that is not all they must learn. Studying the art and science of selling is also key to sustaining a long term career.

Sales professionals must be life-long learners who want to do more than click their way through social media. Sales is still a people business and they must have a good mix of goals, excitement for their job, and skills to connect with other people.

Years ago it was the salesperson who controlled the conversation about their product or service. In a sales call they were their to introduce the buyer to what they had to sell, and guide them to making the purchase.

Today, before a sales person ever sets foot in the meeting the information is available online and the understanding of the products and services people buy are much higher. Buyers are more sophisticated and a salesperson who is behaving as if the buyer is not up to speed will find themselves wasting their time. Conversations have to begin at a much higher level and being a successful sales person means honing your skills all the time.

There are many ways to learn and the most successful are always trying to get better at their craft. Reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, and attending training classes are common activities for those who work in sales. Most who sell turn their cars into mobile classrooms and listen to books on tape instead of music while driving to appointments. They want to maximize their skills and do not like to waste time.

But the sales meeting is still paramount to getting your team on the same page.

Knowledge is power in a busy and noisy world. The sales person who wants to win more deals is always open to new ideas. They are sponges who are actively soaking up nuggets of information and new ideas that will help them be more effective.

If your sales meetings are in need of fresh ideas, contact Thom Singer and bring him into speak to your team. / (512) 970-0398