Speaker Sales Mastermind

Speakers Sales Mastermind

Welcome to my fellow speakers.  You are finding this page because I (or someone else) told you about my idea for a weekly sales focused mastermind call. Let’s face it, we call ourselves speakers, but we are all in sales. If we don’t sell it, there are not appearances on stage.

When I worked with a contracted sales person to help me with my outbound selling, the best part of the time together was our weekly sales call. We would go over the pipeline, but also brainstorm ideas and share best practices. Much of the time we speakers feel “alone”, but while I was working with him this weekly “touch base” kept my mind thinking about sales.  That is the “WHY” behind my starting this program (and keeping it super affordable so that there will be value

UPFRONT – yes I am charging people to be in this group, but I do not expect to make a lot of money.  I am not projecting a ton of people sighing up, but I do want there to be commitment from the participants and from me.  I had belonged to a “Free” group, but when people got distracted (organizer and participants) the whole thing fizzled.

I am sure many of you are sick of expensive offerings for speakers to help you sell. Too often the person who wins is the coach. I have flushed away a lot of money. It is hard to work alone, and to have to wear all the hats in our solopreneur businesses. I have found my success by talking (formally and informally) with others and adapting the nuggets of information to fit me unique style.

To succeed in the business of speaking we need self reliance, action, support, and accountability. Masterminds can be amazing answer.  And to make sales a priority we need something that grabs our attention and gets us to remember to be sales people first.

I am starting a weekly ZOOM call to talk about sales and prospecting ideas. The cost to be in the group will be low. This is not my way of getting rich.  A coach told me to price it higher, and his reasons were all the reasons I dislike most coaching programs.  I want for myself a group where I am not second guessing the investment and watching the coach make money (while I get little).  If we get just a few people to sign up… this could be the coolest thing ever to help all of us do more.

The cost- $250 per quarter to be in the private group. If after three months it is not worth it, it is not a sum of money that will make you resent me (I resent one coach I used as the advice was canned and not really anything that helped me grow my business. But that coach still got a lot of my money).  I am charging a small fee to keep me engaged and make sure you have a little skin in game.

But this is less than $100 a month.  And maybe if we do it right, it will be the spark for some or all the people in the group.

Most calls will be best practice sharing – but I will also be bringing sales experts from other industries to join the conversation. I want value for all of us.

I realize some people will not be interested or roll their eyes (or question “why charge anything?”). But this is the idea. $250. Nov- Jan. Monday morning calls. Noon EST. We can reassess after three months.

If this sounds interesting – reach out privately and we can arrange payment

I got the idea from someone in another industry who said a group like this changed their focus (and I need more sales focus – and I think others do as well).