Thom Singer’s TEDX Talks

TEDx Austin 2023 – “I Did That”

“I Did That” – Thom Singer TEDx

I had the honor to present at the return of TEDx Austin in March 2023.  I had been in the audience at the first ever TEDx Austin in 2010 and it had been my goal to one day get to speak on the red dot in my own city. For this talk I created a brand new presentation about how laying it safe can be “fine”, but disrupting your daily routines will lead to really experiencing your journey. In this TEDx Talk you will hear about how to: try new things, step into the uncomfortable and commit to ongoing and consistent actions, and I get vulnerable about some of the hard times that were beyond what I could handle alone.  There is no shame in asking for help!

TEDx Wyandotte – 2018

“The Art of Giving Small: Compounded Generosity” – Thom Singer TEDx

Thank you for watching my TEDx Talk.  If the message resonated with you and you would like to make a donation to the “Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Research“, please go online and donate directly to the Dell Children’s Hospital Foundation (Austin) or the Rady Childrens Hospital Foundation (San Diego).  Please note to attribute the donation toward the Kate Singer Endowment.  Thank you.

Dell Children’s Foundation, 4900 Mueller Blvd., Austin, TX 78723

Rady Children’s Foundation, 3020 Children’s Way, MC 5005, San Diego, CA 92123  – DONATE ONLINE –

Thom’s Daughter Kate’s TEDx at Age 15 (2017)

Below you can view the TEDx Youth Talk that our daughter, Kate, delivered in 2017 (at age 15) in Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, she did a TEDx Talk before her dad (and she never lets him forget this fact).  She is now attending college at an Ivy League school and is studying Environmental Biology.