Alex Blackburn American Duke Apparel


Alex Blackburn was born and raised in Austin, Texas.  As such, it was only natural for him to attend the University of Texas, the school that he followed from his earliest days.  Now a graduate of Texas, he works in his family’s real estate business – a field his family has been in for a long time in Austin, so the entrepreneurship Apple does not fall far from the tree.
Working with family has also allowed Alex to begin pursuing his entrepreneurship goals, and with that, he has been able to launch his first company – American Duke Apparel Co., a 100% USA made company that began as a class project while he was still at Texas.  Alex is working hard to establish American Duke as the next great lifestyle brand, attending vendor shows during weekends and visiting potential wholesalers on lunchbreaks.
Ultimately, Alex hopes to be a serial entrepreneur.  He does not intend to be a start ‘em up and sell ‘em type of entrepreneur, but has lofty goals of owning multiple companies that he will be able to grow alongside like minded entrepreneurs and fortify with great teams.  Alex makes sure that he saves plenty of time to enjoy life still as well, staying involved with his family and friends through adventures, local culinary escapades, a fair (but never enough) amount of traveling, and always keeps his eye open for the next opportunity, be that an adventure of business or life.