In 2016, Melissa Dobbins formed an HR technology company to remove bias from the hiring process by shifting the focus from resumes to qualifications.
Removing bias from talent evaluation is more than just opening the door to a wider candidate pool in today’s fierce competition for talent; it drives diversity, efficiency, and compliance as a natural bi-product. Too many companies are attempting to tackle these issues separately, but as long as there is bias in the selection process, these diversity and compliance challenges will persist. Even worse, many companies are turning to technology as the ‘easy way out’ but just end up automating existing biases.
Ms. Dobbins’ company,, tackles bias and the resulting diversity, compliance, and efficiency challenges by removing the bias-laden resumes from talent evaluation and replacing them with a systematic solution that combines the best parts of technology and the human touch to objectively measure a candidate’s qualification to identify those best qualified for the job. Candidates remain anonymous, enabling fair evaluation and comparison of qualifications before names, gender, ethnicity, age, or any other bias-triggering information is shared.
Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time (and keeping companies out of the news!)

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