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Simple Strategies More Engagement At Business Meetings

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Great customer conferences are created to be more than a commercial for the hosting company. A users conference, when done right, is all about the audience.  It is not only the location, meals, happy hours and the agenda that people remember, it is the way they feel at the end of the conference that determines if they will come back next year.  Engagement does not happen until the human element is tapped.

There are many reasons your clients comes to your user event, but in today’s online world the learning is no longer the primary reason.  People do not need more information, as all the information in the world is now accessible on our smart phone.  People need context over content.

Networking opportunities are sited as a top reason for participation in events.  But the word “networking” has become confused with superficial chit-chat.  That is useless to most people and will not make your conference stand out as the industry’s “must attend” event.

Real networking is about connection. It is the creation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between two or more people, where all involved find more success (in their career and life) because of the connection than they would without.

Inspire your users conference attendee to be the best they can be – at your event and when they return to their offices. Get them excited about their critical role being present in your audience.  Make them the star of your show.

Whether you need a keynote speaker or a master of ceremonies, the “Conference Catalyst” will set the tone for the whole event and make your meeting one that will be talked about for years to come.  Thom Singer is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and podcast host who will change the way people will engage at your next event.

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