Workforce Training – Cross The Potential Gap

Workforce training is key to the success of every company. If you are seeking to help your employees navigate the gap between potential and performance, they will forever be able to find paying jobs and advancement. Investing in workforce training programs and activities helps you company, but it also helps every individual on your team.

Workforce Training

Our high schools, community colleges, universities, and state government education programs are good. But they are not preparing workforce solutions for the real day to day on a job. Everyone you hire has potential, but potential does not equal results. When people feel they are not performing at their abilities, it causes stress and burnout. Employees will leave your company before being discovered for coming up short.

Yet when we work with teams and identify the realities of each person’s potential, and then create a path across the gap, big things happen. There is equal opportunity for everyone who works in your company. They can leap over the gap between potential and performance. Workforce training that is realistic, educational, and fun will get people engaged on doing more.

Selecting the right educators and training for your workforce training event is the key to success. Too often people think training is a one size fits all endeavor. If your commitment to getting the best for each person over the long-run, then it must start with dialogue. Thom Singer’s “Paradox of Potential” workshop is a conversation.

What holds people back? There are many things and that is the problem. No two employees who are missing the mark are struggling with the exact same issue. There is not one answer in workforce training. Each member of your team must invest in their own personal journey. We cannot put everyone into a bus and drive them across the gap from potential to performance. Results do not occur because the boss paid for workforce training.

The program also looks at what the most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and line employees do to achieve at high levels. Success leave clues. The content cannot do the work for your people. But giving them the clues and a road map will allow most people to move at least part of the way across the gap.

The “Paradox of Potential” workshop can be customized to any industry, job descriptions, and company culture. Thom Singer has spent years researching the esoteric concept of “potential” and trying hard to find the similarities in those who are thriving in their jobs. This workforce training program is not the same as all the others. It is designed to be the start of an ongoing conversation for everyone in the company.

In this class your people will discuss the top things holding people back in your industry. Additionally, they will learn the simple, but meaningful, actions taken by the most successful business professionals.

About Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and professional master of ceremonies. His work has spanned audiences from 12 to 5000. He is the author of 12 books and the host of the “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast.  Seeking a Manufacturing Keynote Speaker? Call Thom now.