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Speaker for Young Professionals Meeting – Thom Singer

Millennial audiences attending meetings and conferences need more than just data and spreadsheets, they want to be engaged in the presentation and share their opinions with the speaker and each other. Finding the right young professionals event speaker is key to the success of any meeting.

Some mistakenly believe young audiences want young speakers.  No, they want great presentations that lead them to take action. Do not be fooled to think that younger audiences are not engaged by speakers of all ages.  When a speaker tells it like it is and cuts through the generational stereotypes, everyone wins. Nobody wants a speaker who panders to their demographic, nor do they want those who disregard them.

Do Not Divide Generations

Focusing on the differences between the generations is overplayed.  People are more alike and success is about results no matter who is in the audience. Thom Singer has been speaking professionally for over ten years, and his programs are ideal for young professional audiences.

Thom believes that much of what we hear on the topic of “generations” is dividing people. At a time where we need to bring humans together there is too much that is focused on differences. Yes, there are unique elements to those born and raised in different eras, but people are still people.  There is more for everyone of all ages to learn from each other.  Telling older professionals that they need to change to meet the younger workers is not really what helps anyone.

Fun Presentations with Actionable Content

If you are seeking something that will make them laugh, cry, and become more engaged within their company, industry and while at your meeting, look no further. Thom singer is a funny motivational speaker who has built a decade long career engaging audiences. He has mentored many young professionals, and his message on how to find mentors is very popular with millennial audiences.

Younger meeting participants are actively seeking career advice that will allow them to discover their maximum success.  They know they have potential, but the more career experience they have, the more it becomes clear that potential does not equal results. How they set goal, understand what motivates them to succeed, and engage with other people in their industry, the more they will achieve in their life.

Make your event a human laboratory and create a culture at the conference that has everyone engaged.  Thom Singer is the speaker who will do that and more. He has presented to over 750 live audiences in his career, and will customize his presentation to ensure your event is one to remember.

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Young Professionals Event Speaker - Thom Singer